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Recent Events

Sustainable Wood for Cities: Pathways towards climate-smart wood procurement

June 28, 2021; 2:00-3:30pm (BST)

Introduced by former deputy mayor of London Nicky Gavron, Cities4Forests is hosting a participatory session for cities to explore the Sustainable Wood for Cities platform.

This online event brought experts together to discuss a defining question of today’s urban sustainability: How can we better define sustainable wood, and integrate this knowledge into city procurement? The core of the session was a panel discussion and Q&A with industry experts and city representatives to exchange knowledge on sustainable wood procurement. Our goal was that all participants come away with better questions and increased capacity to engage in climate smart urbanization and forest conservation.

Cities4Forests hosts events showcasing city leadership such as the Sustainable Wood for Cities event during London Climate Week 2021

Sustainable Wood for Cities_london clima
Sustainable Wood for Cities impact areas

Cities4Forests offers a limited number of facilitated workshops to selected Member Cities to help further develop their goals and capacity - a journey of discovery to inspire new thinking and  accelerate current initiatives. Workshops bring together key people and departments from across the city to share challenges, ideas, plans and projects around working with trees and forests.  The Workshop concept is based on the effectiveness of face-to-face dialogue to build trust, uncover meaningful and nuanced insights, and create the conditions for long term sustainable change. Workshop results will be the property of the Member City with some (authorized) data collected on behalf of the Cities4Forests network.

Other recent highlights include: 

  • Workshop with the City of Seattle and the Woodland Park Zoo to develop a Partner Forest program 

  • Workshop with the City of Quito to determine points of collaboration leading to the Quito Partner Forest Bridge

  • Workshop with the City of Portland (OR) on leading systems-level change through sustainable wood procurement

Cities4Forests Mexico City Forest Footpr

Cities4Forests hosts workshops such as this one with Mexico City representatives on the Forest Footprint

Engaging communities in connecting cities and forests, from local carpenters to children, is a critical part of the Partner Forest program

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