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Carnaval de

la Biodiversité

Centre St Jax

1439 Saint-Catherine St W

December 12, 2022

18:30 - 22:00 EST

Carnaval de la Biodiversité was a unique engagement and networking evening for changemakers from COP15 of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity + The Collective of Quebec civil society for COP15 .


In the Montreal tradition of mixing people, culture, play and serious content, guests partook in refreshments, awe-inspiring performances, short talks and interactive biodiversity games. The event featured thematic circus interventions by one of Montreal’s cutting-edge troupes Le Monastère. Montreal’s famous Bois Public hand-crafted a series of interactive biodiversity-themed carnival games with ash timber recovered from Montreal’s urban forests impacted by the invasive emerald ash borer beetle. The Centre St. Jax building welcomed and inspired with a mix of vaulted historic spaces and intimate nests for lounging and private conversations.

This event brought prominent and diverse voices who are leading biodiversity conservation into a common space, and to connect these voices to leaders in business, finance, government and plural sector organizations.

 Attendees Include

Senior Adviser
Charles McNeill

United Nations Environment Programme

Gopal D. Patel

United Nations Advisor

Leader of the Forest Management and Development Group
Claude Garcia

ETHZ, Switzerland

Natalia Alekseeva

UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

Present & CEO
Francois Dufresne

FSC Canada

Ida Elisabeth Hellmark

Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation

Jessica Levine

The Nature Conservancy

Fadia Awad


Robin Chazdon

World Resources Institute

Thomas Crowther

Crowther Lab

Co-Founder & Research Manager
Sarah Jane Wilson

Pilot Projects Design Collective

Anthony Daniel

City of Montréal

Why Play?

We believe that strong connections and collaboration are vital to our collective progress on our biodiversity crisis, and that these can be deepened in purposefully-designed environments. Studies on game theory and social capital have shown that in-person gameplay builds trust between people, increases cooperation, and expands important social networks. Our carnival games have been designed to break down barriers and open opportunities for interaction and ideas.


Along with improving social capital, complex games also help people build empathy and understanding while collectively creating appropriate solutions to problems faster than if they had never engaged in play. On December 13th, the day following this event, we co-hosted a Strategy Biodiversity Games day for policy makers and practitioners.

Contact Information

To reach us with any questions regarding the event, please send your email to


Marie - Éve Dontigny

Bois Public

Graham Singh

Trinity Centres Foundation

John D. Liu

UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration

Scott Francisco

Pilot Projects Design Collective

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