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Game Day

Centre St Jax

1439 Saint-Catherine St W

December 13, 2022

10:00 EST

Biodiversity Strategy Game Day: Improving engagement & participatory mapping through collective action.  

When games are applied to real-life situations, people are given a model to increase their understanding of the multi-stakeholder complexities that often cloud their ability to make the right decisions. In other words, games help decision makers gather the necessary collective intelligence to improve our collaborative problem-solving abilities.

With the help of Dr. Claude Garcia, Pilot Projects and Trinity Centres will showcase the power of strategy games to address complex environmental problems. COP visitors and local NGOs will compete and collaborate to learn about the role games can play in participatory stakeholder engagement and mapping for biodiversity conservation and restoration. 

Drop-in audience participation will be encouraged throughout the day to observe, encourage, and raise the stakes for all players involved.

About MineSet 

The board of the MineSet game represents an undefined region in the center of the Congo basin. It is made of hexagonal scales, each representing an area of 500 square kilometers.

The players represent four logging companies and two mining companies, which interact in this landscape. They both can build roads and place trucks. The number of roads defines the access to the urban center and therefore the market. Additionally, the mining companies can build mining pits. The logging companies get to choose between Conventional logging or reduced impact logging. Placing roads, trucks and mining pits reduces the forest cover.

Wicked games to resolve environmental conflicts   Claude Garcia   TEDxZurich

Wicked games to resolve environmental conflicts Claude Garcia TEDxZurich

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