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Cities4Forests' Partner Forest Program in Turin 

Self-building Workshop 2022

In Turin, Italy, the Partner Forest Program is working with tactical urbanists Torino Stratosferica to help reimagine a public gathering space dubbed the Hermada Sustainable Hotspot with unique, placemaking outdoor furniture. Built with conservation timber from Gabon, the Hotspot connects Turin residents with communities protecting faraway tropical forests through sustainable forestry and highlights the role of wood in building a sustainable future for all.

Our Partner Forest in Gabon

Turin is using conservation timber from forests in the provinces of Haut-Ogooué and Ogooué-Lolo in Eastern Gabon managed by Compagnie Equatoriale des Bois, a subsidiary of Precious Woods. The timber is dual FSC and PEFC certified. Precious Woods has led sustainable forest management in Gabon for over a decade and influenced green-standard setting national forest laws and regulations for sustainable forestry.  Employed, trained, and supported by the company, local communities participate in sustainably harvesting the forest and processing the wood at local mills, dryers, and kilns in Bambidié, Gabon. 

Learn more about our Partner Forest Program in Gabon by reading our Partner Forest Blog.

Precollinear Park

The Hermada Sustainable Hotspot is part of a decommissioned tram corridor known as Precollinear Park. Torino Stratosferica works with the community to reimagine and remake the space as a public square. It is a gathering place reclaimed by the people, for the people. The presence of our Gabon Partner Forest in furniture and informational displays makes the Hermada Sustainable Hotspot a space to reflect on the city's opportunity for an ecological transition with wood. 

For additional information visit the Torino Stratosferica site here, and watch the adjacent video.

Precollinear Park Video