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Better Forests, Better Cities Launch 

Espace Mile End

368 Av. Fairmount O,

December 15th, 2022

Join us at COP15 in Montréal, Canada, to celebrate the launch of the Cities4Forests flagship report, Better Forests, Better Cities.

About the Event

Better Forests, Better Cities is a newly released groundbreaking report created for city policymakers. It summarizes decades of research on the many ways that cities and their residents depend on the world’s forests. Drawing on hundreds of research publications, the report provides an evidence base for why cities should support forests in and out of their boundaries, and outlines actions for how cities, policymakers, environmental organizations, and businesses can do this.

The parallel COP15 event will celebrate the release of the report and provide guests with key findings. Observers will be given the chance to meet the authors, ask questions, hear from city stakeholders, and learn about opportunities to support forests and biodiversity, in and out of cities. Event attendees will learn about the latest findings and recommendations to help their city take action to conserve forest biodiversity in inner, nearby and faraway forests.

Join us for this landmark event, lively discussions, networking drinks, snacks and refreshments!

More about the event and the Better Forests Better Cities report

Better Forests, Better Cities is a flagship report for Cities4Forests, an initiative led by Pilot Projects and the World Resources Institute (WRI), that supports more than 80 cities around the world to recognize their interdependence with global forests along the themes of human health and well-being, water, climate mitigation, and biodiversity. It is intended that the proposed event and related report will be used by city leaders, staff, and decision-makers to understand the important role that forests play for cities and urban residents. The report gives scientific support to why cities should actively participate in forest conservation, restoration, and sustainable management efforts both within their boundaries and beyond.

The in-person event will follow a virtual launch of the report in late November and the importance of having this event at COP15 is that it will give global leaders and decision-makers the information and awareness that they need to better interact with global biodiversity. Better Forest, Better Cities puts that information right into their hands so that they can begin to make the right decisions now.