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Reforest Tea

Product Highlights

Product:  Mint and black tea

Origin:  Ethically sourced from multiple tea estates

Community:  Many

Mission:  Reforest Tea supports tree planting and forest conservation work around the world, providing opportunities for social and environmental benefit.





Product Overview


Reforest Tea donates 100% of their profits to support tree planting and forest conservation. They  source tea blends exclusively from suppliers that have tree-planting and forest stewardship programs - for example, their Indian Assam tea is shade-grown under trees. Their profits are used to support a number of funding programs connected to real people doing remarkable things to conserve, protect, and enhance valuable forests  around the world. 

For example,  Reforest recently provided support to AIR Guatemala,  a multi-dimensional reforestation program that fights landscape degradation through regenerative farming practices.

Useful links


Quickly get situated with Reforest Tea as a brand with this overview.

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Get to know more about the mission behind the brand with this International Tree Foundation article. 

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Learn more about the various Reforest Tea funded programs

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