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Ndali Vanilla

Product Highlights


Product: Whole organic vanilla beans

Origin: Fort Portal, Uganda

Community:  Rwenzori Farmers in the Albertine Rift Valley of Western Uganda

Certification: Fairtrade, Organic

Mission: To produce high-quality Fairtrade vanilla in an area way that conserves nature while providing local communities with a way to uplift themselves through fair compensation for work. Part of this mission involves mixed agricultural practices that focus on replanting hardwood species. 





Useful links


Discover more about Ndali vanilla founder, and its origins

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Learn more about the Ndali Vanilla farmers

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The Rwenzori project, which is connected to the Rwenzori Farmers Cooperative Union, who are the same farmers that operate with Ndali

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Here are two important videos that help to explain the ethos of Ndali vanilla and the setting of its operations

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