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Finca Las Nubes Coffee

Product Highlights

Product: Single origin coffee beans

Origin: Chiquimula, Guatemala

Community: Aldea La Granadilla, Esquipulas

Mission: Producing high-quality, shade grown coffee at a high altitude in a way that respects the land and people that inhabit it. In the words of Don Fabio, owner of the farm, “We believe that it is the land (tierra) that generates quality…. Our responsibility, as farmers, is not to damage this – we must nurture what the land gives us.”




rural women

Product Overview


Finca Las Nubes Finca Las Nubes coffee is a high-quality shade grown variety that is cultivated 1,500m above sea level. At this altitude, the climate is temperate with low night time temperatures that are ideally suited to creating the highest quality strictly hard bean (SHB) Arabica coffee. Don Fabio is the owner of this farm. Along with providing jobs to local women, he also believes in working with the land to get the most out of his beans. 

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