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Elvis Tineo Rafael Coffee

Product Highlights


Product:  Single origin coffee beans

Origin:  Cajamarca, Peru

Community:  El Diamante, Jaen

Mission:  Producing high-quality shade grown coffee 



Product Overview


Elvis Reinerio Tineo Rafael and his family produce and process beans in the Cajamarca region of El Diamante,  one of the few areas in Jaen to have protected forests. These forested conservation areas protect several local municipal water sources and are home to a variety of native fauna and flora.

This thriving natural environment creates a beautiful setting to grow coffee but also contributes to the richness and stability of the soils in the area. The cup profile of the coffees in this area is very distinct, with a heavily fruited cup and a pronounced acidity.

Useful links

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See more images of Elvis’ operation.

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Read about the regional conservation area in Cajamarca, Peru here

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