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Cities Can Reduce Commodity-Based Deforestation. Here’s How

Picture a coffee truck, a converted gray ‘66 Citroen retrofitted with a wood awning and countertop, parked at the Glasgow City Council’s Sustainable Landing Hub during COP26. From this quaint shelter, attendees were served shade-grown coffee from Ecuador’s Intag Valley and pastries baked with Amazon (aka Brazil) nuts from Madre de Dios, Peru. 


Cities4Forests & the Partner Forests Program

The Partner Forests Program is a project of Cities4Forests, an alliance of seventy-nine cities committed to protecting the world’s forests. Through this initiative, cities source timber from selected community forest operations for prominent urban infrastructure. Glasgow and Cities4Forests showcase the power of using sustainably-sourced tropical wood to support the world’s forests

Cities4Forests Partner Forest Boardwalk

Cities4Forests Partner Forest Boardwalk was a temporary boardwalk made for the climate summit (COP26) held in Glasgow in 2021. The boardwalk was a demonstration of Glasgow’s Partner Forest program and served to link a variety of pavilions including the Partner Forest Food Truck together at the exhibition area called the "Glasgow Sustainable Landing". 

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Brooklyn Bridge Forest_Anchorage Forest with cyclists and people_With Flag_2020-07-12.jpg

This redesign of the Brooklyn Bridge involves a Guatemalan forest

Replacing the bridge’s wooden walkway with sustainable tropical wood shows, in the words of the architect, that “the city takes responsibility for the global nature of its networks.”

The Brooklyn Bridge needs a makeover. Is rainforest lumber still in style?

Last year, a proposal to replace the Brooklyn Bridge’s walkway with wooden planks sourced from a Guatemalan rainforest won a City Council-sponsored competition.


The planks would come from Uaxactun, a community-managed forest concession in the remote northeastern jungles of Petén.

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The Quito Cities4Forests Bridge

How can we bridge urban policy goals and forest conservation in tropical cities? Cities4Forests partnered with local municipal representatives, indigenous communities, architects and carpenters to exhibit the potential of eucalyptus wood to help cities like Quito restore their inner and nearby forests as trees are removed and native species reintroduced.