Cities4Forest's Partner Forest program is an opportunity for European cities to transform their impact on forests and climate through mutually beneficial, wood-centred forest partnerships.

With funding from Laudes Foundation, Cities4Forests is launching five Partner Forests in 2022. Participating cities will source tropical "conservation timber" from exemplary community forest enterprises, to be used in prominent city infrastructure alongside a mix of other sustainably sourced timber. These projects will showcase the community enterprise protecting tropical forests and the conservation benefits of using sustainably-sourced wood. These high-visibility exchanges will promote consumer awareness, forest stewardship, and urban policies that exhibit leadership on climate and biodiversity. Cities can help sequester millions of tons of carbon through partnerships with forest communities who are successfully conserving tropical forests, an activity which is a major step towards restoring the earth’s carbon balance. These local-to-local partnerships can demonstrate the power of “thinking globally, and acting locally”.

See how Glasgow is leading on global climate and biodiversity with their Partner Forest Program, launched at COP26

European Cities Program

How can cities help conserve tropical forests and mitigate climate change?

These innovative urban rural exchanges will lead to: 

  • City leadership on sustainable wood procurement policy, including domestic, regional and tropical timber sources.

  • Opportunities for city governments, residents and private sector partners to collaborate in systems change that will help conserve and restore intact tropical forests.

  • Exciting urban projects showcasing wood as a sustainable building material in cities, and the requirements for wood sourcing that lead to forest conservation outcomes.

  • Expanded markets and growth opportunities for community forest enterprises who have a strong track record of forest conservation.

  • Actionable data on urban consumption and its impacts on tropical forests, climate and biodiversity, available to city leaders, residents, business and nonprofit organizations.

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Video introduction to the Partner Forest program

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Wood products have many high-visibility uses in cities.

See also FSC’s examples of projects built from tropical wood species in European cities.

Introductory video to the Partner Forests program.

Partner Forests program presentation.

Forest in Moskitia, Honduras (source: GreenWood Global) one of our partner forest candidates

Community sawmill in Uaxuctún, Guatemala, leading with award-winning community forest conservation enterprise 

New York City recently awarded Brooklyn Bridge Forest first prize in a competition to reimagine the Brooklyn Bridge. 

The proposal envisions sourcing the wood planks from a Partner Forest community in Petén, Guatemala, and includes
a suite of sustainability and communications activities.