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Bare Bones Chocolate

Product Highlights


Product: Organic hand-made chocolate and cacao powder

Origin: Ambanja, Madagascar

Community:  Union de Coopératives Lazan’ny Sambirano (UCLS)

Certification: Organic certified

Mission: Chocolate should be pure, delicious, and ethical. Bare Bones aspires to raise the bar for taste and sustainability in the chocolate and food scene by demonstrating how incredible cacao can taste without additives like soya lecithin, vegetable fats, or E-numbers. Their process honors the farmers, cacao, and the makers of the chocolate. 



Product Overview


The UCLS Cooperative in the Ambanja region of Madagascar empowers cacao farmers to protect the Sambirano’s unique rainforest ecosystem. The forest is important for both the production and flavor of the cacao. With support from Rainforest Alliance, a project was launched to plant new trees to battle soil erosion. Farmers are encouraged to reforest land with native shade trees and grow cocoa under their canopy creating buffer zones around primary forests and helping to prevent erosion.

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Useful links


Learn about Bare Bones chocolate and the community bean origins

Cocoa Mixed Processing Stages.jpeg

Learn more about the bean to bar chocolate making process

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Read a bit more about the founders and their mission here.

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